The RAC SERVICING (Packaged-type air-conditioning unit / Commercial refrigeration equipment (PACU/CRE) NC III Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to install, service, maintain, troubleshoot and repair as well as to perform start-up, test and commissioning of air-conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial environment/ establishments other than centralized air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems.

The Units of Competency comprising this Qualification include the following:

500311109Lead Workplace Communication
500311110Lead Small Teams
500311111Develop and Practice Negotiation Skills
500311112Solve Problems Related to Work Activities
500311113Use Mathematical Concepts and Techniques
500311114Use Relevant Technologies
HVC713201Prepare Materials And Tools
HVC311203Perform Mensuration and Calculation
HVC713202Perform Basic Benchwork
HVC724201Perform Basic Electrical Works
HVC311204Maintain Tools And Equipment
HVC315201Perform Housekeeping And Safety Practices
HVC311205Document Work Accomplished
HVC723340Install PACU
HVC723341Install CRE
HVC723342Service and maintain PACU
HVC723343Service and maintain CRE
HVC723344Troubleshoot and repair PACU
HVC723345Troubleshoot and repair CRE
HVC723346Perform start-up, test and commissioning for PACU
HVC723347Perform start-up, test and commissioning for CRE

            A person who has achieved these competencies is Qualified to be a:

  • PACU Installer
  • CRE Installer
  • PACU and CRE Maintenance Technician
  • Commercial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technician  (HVAC/R Technician)