As a TESDA – Accredited Assessment Center, we adhere the following:

Qualification and NC LevelAccreditation
Date IssuedNumber of
Assessment Hours
Total Number of
Candidates per
Assessment Fee
1. Automotive Servicing NC IAC-ATS010997222412305/18/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,141.00
2. Bookkeeping NC IIAC-BKP0309972343510803/20/20238 Hours10 Candidates841.00
3. Carpentry NC IIAC-CAR020997222414209/07/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,539.00
4. Computer System Servicing NC IIAC-CSS020997232511005/17/20238 Hours10 Candidates1,049.00
5. Construction Painting NC IIAC-COP020997212316912/17/20218 Hours10 Candidates1,156.00
6. Domestic Work NC IIAC-DOW020997222412104/27/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,347.00
7. Dressmaking NC IIAC-DRM020997232510703/20/20238 Hours10 Candidates1,348.00
8. Driving NC IIAC-DRV020997212314710/11/20218 Hours10 Candidates1,034.00
9. Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing NC IIAC-EPA020997222414609/07/20238 Hours10 Candidates1,089.00
10. Events Management Services NC IIIAC-EVM030997232510905/17/20238 Hours10 Candidates905.00
11. Food Processing NC IIAC-FOP020997222400301/14/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,096.00
12. Machining NC IIAC-MCG020997222414509/07/20228 Hours10 Candidates600.00
13. Masonry NC IIAC-MAS020997222414309/07/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,535.00
14. RAC Servicing (DomRAC) NC IIAC-WAC020997222411503/24/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,222.00
15. RAC Servicing (PACU/CRE) NC IIIAC-PCR030997222411603/24/20228 Hours10 Candidates500.00
16. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC IAC-EAW010997212316712/17/20218 Hours10 Candidates2,234.00
17. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC IIAC-EAW020997212316812/17/20218 Hours10 Candidates2,697.00
18. Tile Setting NC IIAC-TIL020997222414409/07/20228 Hours10 Candidates1,415.00
19. Trainers Methodology Level NC IAC-TRM010997222410402/11/20228 Hours10 Candidates3,323.00
20. Transport RAC Servicing NC IIAC-TAC020997222411703/24/20228 Hours10 Candidates900.00