The Food Processing NC II Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to process foods by salting, curing and smoking; process food by fermentation and pickling; process food by sugar concentration and package finished  / processed food products.

The units of competency comprising this qualification include the following:

500311105Participate in workplace communication
500311106Work in a team environment
500311107Practice career professionalism
500311108Practice occupational health and safety procedures
AGR741201Apply Food Safety and Sanitation
AGR741202Use Standard Measuring Devices / Instruments
AGR741203Use Food Processing Tools, Equipment and Utensils
AGR741204Perform Mathematical Computation
AGR741205Implement Good Manufacturing Practice Procedure
AGR741206Implement environmental policies and procedures
AGR741301Process Food by Salting, Curing and Smoking
AGR741302Process Food by Fermentation and Pickling
AGR741303Process Food by Sugar Concentration
AGR741304Package Finished / Processed Food Products

A person who has achieved this Qualification is competent to be:

  • Production Aide
  • Packaging Aide