The COMPUTER SYSTEMS SERVICING NC II Qualification consists of competencies that must possess to enable to install and configure computers systems, set-up computer networks and servers and to maintain and repair computer systems and networks.

The units of competency comprising this qualification include the following:

Participate in workplace communication
Work in a team environment
Practice career professionalism
Practice occupational health and safety procedures

Apply quality standards
Perform computer operations
Perform mensuration and calculation
Prepare and interpret technical drawing
Use hand tools
Terminate and connect electrical wiring and electronic circuits
Test electronic components

Install and configure computer systems
Set-up Computer Networks
Set-up Computer Servers
Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks

A person who has achieved this Qualification is competent to be:

  • Computer Assembler
  • Computer Service Technician
  • Network Technician
  • Computer Maintenance Technician