The CONTACT TRACING LEVEL II consists of competencies that a person must achieve to conduct case investigation and contact identification, conduct profiling of contacts and follow-up, conduct referral to health facility, quarantine facility, and other relevant agencies, conduct health education programs, perform data recording and reporting and conduct monitoring and surveillance.

The Units of Competency comprising this Qualification include the following:

Participate in workplace communication
Work in team environment
Solve/address general workplace problems
Develop career and life decisions
Contribute to workplace innovation
Present relevant information
Practice occupational safety and health policies and procedures
Exercise efficient and effective sustainable practices in the workplace
Practice entrepreneurial skills in the workplace

Implement and monitor infection control policies and procedures
Respond effectively to difficult/challenging behavior
Apply basic first aid
Maintain high standard of patient / client services

Conduct case investigation and contact identification
Conduct profiling of contacts and follow-up
Conduct referral to health facility, quarantine facility and other relevant agencies
Conduct health education programs      
Perform data recording and reporting
Conduct monitoring and surveillance

A person who has achieved this Qualification is competent to be:

  • Contact Tracer (Local Government Unit: Province/ City/ Municipality/ Barangay)